Sunday, November 16, 2008

Global Guys Gear - eNews - Number Three - November 2008

Budgy Smuggler joins Global Guys Gear

Budgy smugglers are the pair of swimmers you always wanted but never had the chance to buy. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, don't worry, you're not alone.
All you need to know is that budgy smuggler is Australian for blokes swimmers.A lot of people ask us why we are "budgy smuggler", not "budgie smuggler.We really wish we had a good answer.
Two of our favourite explanations are the impressive sounding, "it has to do with trademark law, you wouldn't understand it," and the mysterious sounding "we're not detail people, we are concept people." The sad fact is, we only realised the incorrect spelling after it was too late to change back again. So budgy smuggler should have been budgie smuggler. But you know what, however you spell it, you'll still look great in a pair of smugglers.
All budgy smugglers are 100 % Australia made.
We understand when it comes to smuggling your budgy there can be no compromise on quality.

Obviously joins Global Guys Gear

Obviously For Men: provides the ultimate in comfort and styling and is perfect for the active guy. Whether you're a cyclist, a footballer, a golfer or just enjoy going for a run Obviously has the underwear for you. Obviously underwear is like nothing else you have ever tried before. You can even forget about commando or free-balling, our customers agree, Obviously is even more comfortable than going without underwear.All Obviously underwear features super soft, highly adsorbent material, that’s strong, won’t fade, shrink or end up looking like an old rag. Throw in a good dose of very clever design work and you’ve got yourself a super comfy pair of underwear, without all the annoying bits.

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