Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spank Swimming joins Global Guys Gear

Whether your passions lie in the ocean or a pool, Spank Swimwear has you covered. Since 1976 the sole company focus has been to develop the best available Australian swimwear, goggles and accessories for you to enjoy life in the water.
Spank Swimwear = 100% Australian designed and 100% Australian made.
Spanks develop swimwear and swimming goggles for, sports retailers and aquatic centres and custom made swimwear for teams, schools and clubs.

For over 30 years Spank has accommodated all levels of swimmers, no matter whether you are an Olympic swimmer, a hard charging ironman, an ultrafit athlete, a person who loves swimming a few laps in the pool or a kid taking their first dip in the surf.
Spank Swimwear produces some of the finest performance swimwear available in Australia. They only use the highest quality of fabrics and make sure the fit and styles are at the forefront of the swimwear industry.
Spank proudly produce all of the swimwear here in Australia and they work closely with the sponsored athletes to make sure the performance is at the highest level of competition.

Spanks core specialty is to develop products for the harsh conditions of OCEAN and SURF swimming, physical water polo matches and even the toughest of triathlon swims, they group these together and categorise them as ROUGH WATER Swimming.

Spank used its knowledge of ocean and surf swimming to develop swimming products for the
pool swimmer. These products include our FLITE ® chlorine resistant range, which offers long
lasting wear and duarbility, without compromising on fit or comfort.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dirty Fukker Underwear joins Global Guys Gear

Ok, so you've been searching round for some great underwear that looks and feels great on. Well now you've found it.
Dirty Fukker underwear is a range of Jocks, Boxers and Briefs that do all that.

Dirty Fukker Underwear has been styled to make you look and feel great. Jocks with a wide rear strap for perfect support, Briefs that accentuate everything you've got and Boxers styled to fit front and back that come with a handy condom pocket too.

When you look this good in your underwear, they'll know you're a Dirty Fukker.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

2eros joins Global Guys Gear

The 2EROS Brand
2EROS was launched in June 2008 to an international market through its online store.

2EROS has designed a range of swimwear for men who are looking for simple designs with a great cut. The brand delivers quality garments made in Australia by one of the industry's most respected manufacturers.
Differentiated from other swimwear labels by its style and cut, 2EROS represents a man of style and confidence who revels in the attention of onlookers.
The name '2EROS' can be read in two ways: 'ZEROS' and 'to Eros'. Zeros represents the two circles of the logo which in turn represent the male assets. Eros, the god of love (also known as Cupid) is known to have a perfect body and has the task of promoting love. And so 2EROS can also mean 'to the god of love' - the brand a gift to men with confidence.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweat Undergear at LICK

Global Guys Gear now on Myspace

Global Guys Gear launches its own Myspace Page... Check out all the news and say hi to our friends at this link..

Global Guys Gear now on Facebook

Global Guys Gear launches is own Facebook Page... Check out all the news and say hi to our friends at this link..

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